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plural: none
1 : Literally, 'The Comedy of Art'
2 : Italian comedy of the 16th to 18th centuries improvised from standardized situations and stock characters

Anaphora is a red panda, known for a fondness for somewhat dramatic clothing including sweeping coats and expensive materials. A regular performer at the Melbourne Deca-Dance poetry night, he is known to many of the residents as a good poet and a pleasant drinking companion. Recently, Anaphora has been having these terrible headaches, though...

It remains yet to be seen whether he will be able to control the Changeling virus that appears to have infected him. Commeddia, after all, aren't known for being outspoken and artistic - or, even, speaking at all. But perhaps he will manage to hold it off with those Suppressants of his. And where is he getting them?

Anaphora is Copyright Tim Hamilton as is the poetry he reads in 'Hierophant'.