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plural: none
1 : of or relating to sightless persons
2 : having no regard to rational discrimination, guidance, or restriction

The Blind are a degenerate group of creatures that enjoy - and perhaps need - terror. While purebloods need no reason other than their horrible appearance and rumoured savagery to fear them, even other Changelings avoid or destroy the Blind.

One of the Blind displays her sewing ability.

The Blind appear as other furs, save that they lack eyes. Gouged holes remain where once these were. These creatures seem to like putting odd things in the sockets, usually disturbing articles such as doll's heads or collections of cutlery. It has been suggested that they derive a form of comfort from this activity. The Blind gain pleasure from frightening and harassing other furs. They rarely kill - that would end the fun. They can appear to be able to create others of their own kind by blinding another fur during a sadistic ritual which may be a mockery of the process that Commeddia use to reproduce. The resulting creatures join the Blind as one of their own.

Technically, the Blind appear to be dead. They have no pulse, and their bodies are cold. They don't appear to rot or disintegrate, but they certainly do not heal as well as Haemophages. Thus they tend to bear scars from battles with other Changelings - Haemophages, especially refuse to tolerate the Blind in their areas, though this may be because their cold blood is somehow attractive and they are a much-abused food source. The Blind themselves do not appear to require fuel. It is possible that they derive sustenance from hurting or maiming others. Likewise, they do not seem to be affected by heat or cold, allowing them to inhabit very unpleasant areas.

Pockets of the Blind are destroyed by the Changeling Control Division wherever they appear. They appear to be immune to inhibitors, and display no recognisable sanity or humanity. Commeddia will kill any of the Blind that they find, as these creatures are prone to assaulting even the peculiar Masks.