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Pronunciation: 'dOl-chE-"fär-nE-'en-tE
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian, literally, sweet doing nothing
Date: 1814
: pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness

On the shores of Saint Kilda, close to the Warren and in one of the worst parts of Melbourne is Hotel Nevartel. Undoubtably named after one of the more famous hotel chains during its hey day, the Hotel has maintained a reputation for good service and excellent breakfasts. Just how those who live in the residency manage to have such carefree lives is unknown - certainly while the streets of Melbourne run riot with all manner of disturbance, there is never a break in or crime at the Hotel.

Perhaps this is to do with the Hotel's owners - Shadow and Asagwe. While eccentric, they appear to have a calming influence over those around them. Asagwe appears to be severely emaciated - an illness he says he contracted during a stay in Egypt has rendered him in his current bony form. While this does seem rather suspicious, official CCD records mark both fox and cat as Purebloods - no wild Changelings are present at the Nevartel, and both Shadow and Asagwe have been tested.

Shadow is a white vixen with black hair and a pale mask over her features. She is renowned for her operatic voice and is occassionally cajoled into singing for those who live in the Nevartel. She appears to be fond of wearing extra prosthetic tails, perhaps in an attempt to mimic kitsune legends. Asagwe, her companion, seems to be an extremely thin normal feline, though one inclined towards certain rather annoying skin conditions which have led to the loss of his ears over time.

Isadore, who appears to be a Wired Changeling bat, is on staff. What exactly this means for Hotel Nevartel is unknown - certainly, she seems to be extremely loyal to Asagwe and Shadow, something which would be highly unusual for any member of the Wired. She is registered at the CCD.