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1 : to check, test, or verify by evidence or experiments
2 : to exercise restraining or directing influence over

The Changeling Control Division, or CCD as it is usually known, is Australia's answer to the Sickness. Certainly, given a complete lack of information as to how other countries are surviving, it seems to be the only option...

A paramilitary organisation consisting of combat units, psychologists, research scientists and administrative assistants, the CCD's current task is to ensure that the average Pureblood citizen can go about their daily business without having to worry about being eaten or infected with the Sickness. The CCD is broken up into a serious of Chapters which take care of individual cities and towns. These Chapters may include various stations, of which the Saint Kilda Station, run by Hawthorn Matheson, is one.

Historically, the focus of the CCD was on complete erradication of the Virus and all infected carriers. While this did curtail the spread drastically, as the years passed, the effect on society in general was to slowly create a backlash against the executions. Few Purebloods had not lost a friend or family member to the CCD burnings and erradications. While repellant to many of the People, the executions were carried out as humanely as possible.

In their thousands.

The First Ease was a major change in policy for the CCD. Instead of immediate death, Changelings were sent to detention centers in the deserts, unless they resisted arrest. While the policy did allow those who were nonviolent to survive their Sickness without spreading it, the good centers soon filled to capacity, then found their facilities degrading. Within two years, they were more like prisons, and a year after that little more than gulags. During this time, Ciphers were considered Changelings because they tested positive to the virus, despite having no obvious ability or way of spreading their Sickness.

The Second Ease was triggered by the CCD agent known as Hawthorn Mattheson. Repeatedly decorated for his courage, restraint and sensible choices in times of crisis, Hawthorn began to express typically Changeling traits. These manifested in a tendency to predict other's actions before they occurred - he was a Telempath and instinctively sensed the emotions and a little of the surface thoughts of those around him. Absolutely loyal and upstanding, his superiors resisted his restriction to a gulag, and eventually political pressure initiated the Second Ease.

As a result, Changelings are now required to Register, take a series of suppressants that curtail their dangerous urges and stop their Virus being infectious, and behave in a sober and sensible way. If they comply, they can remain within the community (though certain areas such as the health sector will not employ them). If they do not, they are tracked by the CCD and apprehended. Evidence of violent crime will send them to a gulag, but they are legally only to be killed in self defence or defence of others.