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plural: ci·pher-s
1 : one that has no weight, worth, or influence
2 : a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning

Ciphers are Changelings who are immune to mind reading powers such as telepathy and empathy. Most Ciphers have no idea about their ability, and often the only clue is that their body language tends to be restrained and difficult to read. They even lack hormones in their scent, causing substantial communication difficulties.

A cipher glances enigmatically at the viewer.

Ciphers are highly sought after for important positions in the private and public sectors, and some furs are beginning to seek cipher priests out for confession. Many CCD agents are Ciphers and there is an obvious bias towards them due to the security benefits. However, even furs that are not Ciphers can learn to partially block mind readers by repetitive thought or by certain meditative exercises. All CCD agents are taught these disciplines, though some are unable to make much use of them.

Ciphers are the only form of Changeling that is not required to register. Ciphers were 'considered' Purebloods after the First Ease, though there is still some residual racism regarding them. Infection by the Cipher version of the Changeling Plague causes a very mild flu-like illness, and is generally easily fought off by the body's immune system. There seems to be no conscious way of spreading the Cipher Virus, which hops from population to population without obvious carriers.

Ciphers are somewhat immune to the dreamy delerium that Haemophages cause in their victims, leading to suggestions that they themselves may have difficulty understanding or interpreting the scent-cues of those around them. They do not appear to react instinctively to the terror generated by Werebreed, and appear to be distasteful as prey to the same.