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plural: none
1 : a person transformed into a beast
2 : to propagate animals

If the Blind are cruelty incarnate, the Phages little but passion, and the Commeddia mysterious, then the Werebreed are everything that is pure survival instinct.

Bestial and dangerous, the ranks of the Werebreed are nearly exclusively carnivorous - although some particularly dangerous omnivorous specimines also occur. Herbivores are entirely absent from the type, and Herbivores seem to be completely immune to the carrier disease for the Werebreed changing.

Of all of the changes forced upon the bodies of those that succumb to the Plague, few are as physically and mentally complete as those the Werebreed undergo. Triggered by the lunar cycle, they revert to an atavistic form that runs on all fours and shows little more than a completely vicious animal cunning during the period of the full moon. The change releases massive adrenalin and endorphin bursts in their bodies, making them near-immune to pain and fatigue. They recover supernaturally quickly from injuries, leading to the use of tasers by the CCD.

The change is not without cost, however. The energy demands are great, and Werebreed lack the peculiar feeding adaptions of other Changeling types - they must eat meat when they shift, and they must eat a massive amount of it. Unfortunately, their reversion dampens their conscious minds so severely that they cannot recognise any flesh but that from a fresh kill as viable food. Their hunting instincts are extremely strong, leading to deadly rampages.

Purebloods and non-intelligent animals alike find their own instincts warning them to panic when a Werebreed is about, though particularly disciplined Werebreed have been known to force non-intelligent animals of their People's type to join with them through fear. Thus the occassional Werebreed wolf folk may be capable of amassing a pack of normal wolves and subverting their hierachy enough to make the animals serve them while they are changed. It is suggested that Werebreed may occassionally be able to communicate with the animals their people resembles, though the abject fear shown by the beasts indicates that they are unwilling participants.

Werebreed react very well to suppressant medication physically, and a Werebreed on the drug regime will not change during the full moon. However they are by nature extremely cyclical, and continued medication gradually begins to cause more and more distress as their bodies lose their internal clocks. Their disease is passed by bite, and is somewhat weak - extensive mauling, and survival of the injuries inflicted, is necessary to create a new Werebreed.