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plural: fAjEs
1 : one that eats
2 : virus or cell that destroys cells

Crimson is an excessively tall, thin plantigrade jackal morph with sandy fur. Perhaps the oldest Haemophage known in Australia, he no longer bears much resemblence to his original species. Crimson tends to wear suits which accentuate his emaciated frame, and carries a cane.

Crimson's personality is best described as sociopathic. Murderous, sadistic, yet still apparently insisting upon a family-like structure for his pack, few Phages in the city regard him with anything other than fear. His strength and speed are legendary on the streets - during his arrival in Melbourne in 1995 he left a swath of bodies behind him. Even the Blind carefully avoid him. His own pack are terrified of his anger and he has been known to casually slaughter members who disappoint him. While Silverblue will push harder than the others, and Amber attempt to manipulate, both will invariably back down before his wrath. It is Crimson who decides what will be the names of new pack members. His group is certainly NOT registered with the CCD.

By virtue of being an older Phage, Crimson's blood has created strong children and his infectious bite has allowed him to control considerable territory. Phage packs are generally between three and four members in size - Crimson's total of seven speaks of a strong and intelligent leadership. As yet, he has chosen not to confront the CCD, wary of the power they wield in the city.

Amber is a plantigrade punkish mouse with tan fur and a white stomach. Small, cunning, and loyal to the pack, she has little in the way of mercy or pity for any other creatures. Constantly trying to usurp Silverblue's place as pack beta, she feels that to pretend to be anything other than an unearthly predator is foolish. Amber believes strongly that she should be the second, but would not have Silverblue destroyed - she is, after all, family now. Well-beaten in combat and relegated to pack omega would suffice...

Carnelian and Cerrulean - always together, this slender pair of plantigrade palm civit brother/sister twins look both startling and beautiful. Both are usually found in skintight PVC tanktops and trousers, with ankle high boots and long black PVC coats, Carnelian wearing red accents in his lining and Cerrulean blue in hers. Both have long black hair and labret piercings and look vulnerable - in reality, they regard even their pack as potential meals and are restrained only by a shared fear that Crimson might kill one of them, leaving the other alone. Despite being of different sexes, both are so androgynous that telling them appart is difficult.

Ivory is a digitigrade pale-furred perky bat who dyes her bangs bright blue. Cheerful and a bit of a fashion plate, she is friendly to other pack members and regards them as good friends. Ivory has no compunctions at all about killing for food, but dislikes pain and anything similarly messy and so is at least merciful in the deaths she deals out. Like all non-native bats, Ivory is effectively hexipedal - her arms are not attatched to her wings. She tends to diffuse arguments, and while afraid of Crimson, treats him more like a gruff father than an alpha.

Rust is a tall plantigrade hare with reddish fur, the pack's omega member. Thin since he became a Phage, he stammers his way through life, naturally friendly and completely unsuited to his new existence. His attempts to make friends are dangerous to both himself and others, and of all the Pack he can control his hungers the least, because he refuses to accept it. When Rust succumbs, he invariably kills quickly and horribly.

Silverblue is a digitigrade rabbit, an albino with heavily pierced ears. Lithe, muscled, she retains most of her conscience and exists in a twilight world of self-disgust and desperate hope that her actions can moderate the pack's rapacity. Beta by virtue of her strength and combat prowess, Silverblue has a tendency to hunt alone and spends a good deal of her time away from the pack. She would certainly not retain her status were it not for her occassional bursts of vicious defence of the position. While she is linked by blood to the Pack, she appears to care only for Rust, as an older sister might for a younger brother.