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plural: none
1 : furnished with wires (as for electric connections)
2 : feverishly excited

The Wired are amongst the more secretive of the Changelings. It has been frequently suggested that this bizarrely marked group of creatures has a hidden agenda, and there have been accompanying rumours of some theocratic conspiracy. Certainly they seem to be obsessed with various cults and peculiar and disturbing beliefs, but world-wide organisation?

Macabre of the Wired

Nothing has ever been proven.

In form, the Wired are unmistakable. Across a large portion of their bodies sprawls a series of violent and detailed black tribal markings. These fluctuate, moving and changing themselves - and the longer the Wired has been infected, the more swiftly the black symbols alter. Basic research into Wired physiology indicates that the markings on their wings may be magnetic liquid crystal, but like Haemophages their bodies degenerate swiftly after death. They seem to have an uncany affinity for electronics, and a deep fondness for circuitry and systems of all kinds.

The Wired are amongst the more organised and outspoken Changeling groups, apparently retaining all knowledge and most of the habits they had as Purebloods. They often congregate together, perhaps because their unusual appearance and Changeling status means that making Pureblood friends is difficult. Campaigning frequently for equal status with Purebloods, they often attempt to form political parties. Networking seems to come naturally to them, and were they trusted they would undoubtably soon win non-Changeling status for themselves as the Ciphers managed.

The markings the Wired bear are extensive and spread violently over their forms in what is thought to be a form of biological circuitry. Certainly, those species with large areas of skin, such as bats or gliders, tend to become Wired far more often than any other. Perhaps 95% of the Wired have wings or gliding membranes covered in these markings, and they appear to graft physical hardware to themselves as well.

The transmission method of the Wired version of the Changeling virus is at present unknown, but some selection method must be possible. They show some similarity with Machine Children, but are far more politically motivated and cunning then their gentle counterparts.